Warranty Information

RDH Sales Canada Inc Warrants the original purchaser that its products be free from defect under normal use and service, ordinary wear and tear excepted, for the warranty period stated below, from the date of the original purchase, but subject to the limitations as set forth below.

RDH Sales Canada Inc will replace or repair your product if there is a manufacturer’s defect. However, RDH Sales Canada Inc is not liable for any damage to your vehicle, loss off personal property, loss of your vehicle or any expenses incurred. These expenses include: incidental or consequential damages incurred by the purchaser, or any other person or entity.

RDH Sales Canada Inc will examine all returned product(s) If RDH Sales Canada Inc discovers that the returned product is covered under the limited warranty then the product(s) will be replaced or repaired.

Failure to follow the manufacturer’s weight capacity ratings will void all warranty. In addition, operating vehicles at improper speeds according to the speed limit in the area the malfunction occurred, failure to properly maintain and inspect the product(s) regularly will also void all warranty on the damaged item(s).

When returning Your Product(s) you must follow these steps:

  1. Provide RDH Sales Canada Inc with proof of purchase, via fax, email or, (at their discretion,) verification over the phone with RDH Sales Canada Inc. RDH Sales Canada Inc Will Provide the purchaser with a return invoice to ship with the returned product(s).
  2. The purchaser must pay all shipping and handling fees to deliver the damaged product(s) and proof of purchase to RDH Sales Canada Inc.
    All returns must be sent to:

    RDH Sales Canada Inc
    20-225 Sheldon Dr
    Cambridge ON
    N1T 1A1
  3. Once RDH Sales Canada Inc has examined all returned product(s) to determine if the product(s) are covered under the limited warranty, if the product(s) are not covered under the warranty the purchaser will be contacted before taking any further actions regarding repairing or replacing the product(s), all shipping and handling cost will be at the purchasers expense including all warranty claims.

Product Specific Warranty Information

Product TypeWarranty
Trailer hitches & ball mountsLimited Lifetime
Q20, R20, Q24 and R24 fifth wheel hitches10 Years Limited
Gooseneck hitches7 Years Limited
E16 and R16 fifth wheel hitches5 Years Limited
All accessories including wiring kits and all electrical1 Year Limited